Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Young House Love {House Tour}

This is a 54 year old, much loved adobe of Sherry and John, from Young House Love.
"Old enough to be our parent, we treat it like our child" they say. They did all the work by themselves that needed to be done, to hide it's age and make it a gorgeous home, that it is now. They even got married here! Along the way they got so perfect at it (the house renovation i.e, although I'm sure with all the years and experience they are pretty good at marital advice too) :) , that they started taking up projects. Big DIY experts, featured famously, I hope you enjoy this house tour!
What do you think?



The front porch now - love the green!
After - Living Room

Loving the shelves next to the dining table

Love the powder blue walls and the three frames over the bed

The den - before
What I love the most about this house is the way the light flows so freely in the space. Evereything becomes sunnier and yet cozy because of the soft color palette. I also love their use of wall art and posters and pictures - they just add so much character, and personalizes the space. 
You can also visit Sherry and John and their lovely shop on younghouselove.


Andrea said...

Beautiful house they have! :) I love the green room most, think that's the nursery?

Sherry @ Young House Love said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! We're blushing over here.

s (& j)

Neha Ramabhadran said...

Andrea - I know! Isn't it? I love the nursery too but I also totally love the den! :)
Sherry, John - Thanks for the amazing house tour!! Our readers are loving it!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the yellow rug in the living room!! it's very pretty!!!!

Patricia Torres said...

So beautiful... wow.. wow... I love both your blogs.. awesome!! Plus.. you are based in Dubai... wow!!

Maria Mcclain said...

You have a very good blog that the main thing a lot of interesting and beautiful! hope u go for this website to increase visitor.

Fern D. Pennington said...

Many many wishes for your new life in new house. Hope that you are able to decorate your home accessories nicely. The accessories are too good, specially the sofa.

Thank you


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