Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013


28th November is kind of a big deal for us here. It's my Birthday and also our wedding anniversary. Yup! :) So as V started getting ready for work any hope for a surprise gift, or day off was gone. So he left for work and I got busy with Myra. In about an hour I hear the door open and there he is - with not only lovely presents but also a day off!! He also stopped by at Shakesphere and co and got me yummy yummy stuff.. It was so touching and and just the best day ever!! :) Also, Myra turned 5 months, so it was extra special.
He got me a mirrored tray from Zara Home that I had been gushing on for quite sometime and he got me a big bottle of Chanel no5!!! I was so thrilled, it's my favorite perfume, and this bottle is already on it's way half! Later, we went out for drinks at Dubai Marina and dinner at Atlantis Hotel.


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Saturday, March 2, 2013

pale pink...

it's so lovely... 

Naming her Myra

This name had been there on my mind for a very long time.. and when I told V, he loved it instantly.

English meaning: poetic invention
Greek meaning: fragrant from myrrh, an aromatic shrub
Latin meaning: admirable, extraordinary

It was perfect. It IS perfect. Just like her. 
The naming ceremony was a small one at home. With V's parents and my mom here, it made for a nice intimate one. We did a small puja at home and V whispered the name into Myra's tiny cute ears. Myra wore a dress stitched by my grandmother and mom, which made it extra special! :)

That's my mom and me

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bringing her home..

Unlike traditional Indian families, not that there's anything wrong in that, but V and I chose to be by ourselves during all of pregnancy, delivery and the first ten days of raising lil M
This is the first baby we were seeing after our lil sisters, so many years ago. While V's family spreads to half of Chennai (it's true!!), mine is pretty small and M is the first baby in the family. At first our families didn't get our decision of wanting to be alone, but soon they were on board, almost entertained at the idea of what was going to hit us soon!

Four days before the due date, my water broke at a mall, right as I finished the last bite of the dessert.
It gave the restaurant guys and mall security team, a sense of reason and purpose to their jobs. They were operating as a team today - with their walki-talkies and arranging for the wheel chair for the pregnant lady whose water broke (and kept on leaking!!!! Yup. no one tells you that part!), whose husband ran around the mall to find a pharmacy, then needed help to get the car out of parking asap. It was all very dramatic and comical. Random people were excited and happy and worried for us. And so, as we left the mall with so much drama having taken place, there were about 20 people waving us goodbyes and goodluck to us.

And the next day Myra was born. She was beautiful and alert and perfect. We brought her home and figured out feeding, bathing, changed diapers, washed and sterilized bottles, and stared at her a lot. :) We were completely tired and sleep deprived. And so happy. It was amazing and exhausting, and I would it just the same if I had to again.

 V is so hands on, so involved and so in love. I knew he would be an amazing dad, and he is, but what came as a bit of a pleasant surprise is how he is so amazing with M. He makes up amazing stories to tell her and sings and dances silly for her. And needless to say, she loves it all! :)


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