Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let's go some place....

I would love to have one... and then just drive on and on... far far away. Can't think of a road trip like that without this song - Society you are a crazy breed by Eddie Vedder (always on my play list!) - 
Anyways, I'm also very soon gonna recommend some very cool places where you can experience living in one of these, but for now these beautiful and dreamy trailers and carvans will make your heart fly. So, let's go get lost.....
but it here for 14.99 pounds
 Meanwhile, you can get one of these cute caravan bird houses to dress up your outdoors! :)



iphone wallpapers and other stuff

Get it here for free - set of 7
I have been chasing the iphone 4 for a while (not available with etisalat in Dubai) and while I am making do without it, I can't help but drool over some of my fav iphone accessories. Some of my favorite handpicked free wallpapers and accessories for your beloved iphone. Lot of these are also available to download for your ipad. And remember they are free!! :)
Moleskine cover for iphone - I'm in LOVE!!!!! :)

this for 6$
get it here for 14.99$
Free thrift wallpaper - get it here
get it here free at Poolga

poolga - get it here
free here at Poolga


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