Inane but (hopefully) fun trivia about me

I'm a foodie. I don't react well to hate surprises. Even the smallest ones. I love moving, like from one house to another or one continent to another. When I move I love to unpack. I love to decorate. I love to travel and do it often. A little too often some people might say. I am scared of cartoon or freaky characters walking around (real people inside costumes). I'm scared of ghosts, the dark and lately flying. I can not sleep if I'm alone. I must always wash my hands before I eat. I don't swim or drive. I am learning to say No to friends. It's not easy. But it is important (on an updated note, not been successful at it, but will still try). I'm a North Indian married to a South Indian. I like how that sounds. At the wedding if you didn't know, you would think the opposite. That's what a lot of people said. Hmm. I'm generous about big amounts of money, for myself or otherwise. It's the  small amounts that get me hassled. I like to bargain. I seldom experiment with food and drinks. When I have, it's been a disaster. Lost in Translation and Fight Club are two of my fav movies ever. I can read people's hands. Especially after a few drinks. I knew I would marry Vivek the moment I met him. He thought I was a stupid kid. I am a game freak (update - not so much lately). I like point-and-click, platform, room escapes, puzzle games. I don't listen to music very often. If I like someone I can almost do anything a lot for them. I don't like not liking someone. But it happens. I am from Jaipur. I don't function well can't function if away from my husband for too long. It's true. My family and friends will vouch for that. My life revolves around him and I like it that way. I hate spiders. Love to eat and sleep. If I was a cartoon character I would be Garfield. I got married on my birthday. So did my Grandmom - she got married on hers. I would not recommend that Don't get married on your birthday. I am very close to my grand mother. I think My mom's the best cook in the world. I hate cricket. I like being alone and don't mind it at all if I don't see anyone for days. My dream is to have my own store. Also a book. I'm more geeky than my IITian husband. I was an INSEAD partner and lived in a small town in France for a year. It was the one of the best years of my life. I don't have a sweet tooth. I love salty snacks. Especially chaats. I like cheese with grapes and honey and yes, some wine. I love maggie noodles. I make them very well. I have a sister who is five years younger to me. She can kick my ass. Literally. 
I love design. I can spend hours on pinterest. I used to love Oprah. Now I'm over her. I fall and trip often. We have a list of my top 5 falls. I love reality shows. Judge me if you want. I love seeing people's pictures, even if I don't know them. I save things for my grand children. I like Poi. I have a bunch of very old photographs handed down from my grandmom, they are my most precious possession. If there is a fire I will fetch them first. They travel with me when I move. My fav quote is by Roald Dahl. I get crazy dreams. Sometimes they have come true. In Bali someone said to us - It's a good time of the year for marriages and funerals. I found that hilarious. It's true though - they have a good month for funerals. I still don't understand. 
I admire and envy most - Vastness. In people. In their thinking, action and heart. What I don't like hate is when people just follow blindly - a person, ideas or anything. Traffic rules are the only rules that should be followed blindly. I don't like sneaky people. And people who gossip a lot scare me. I love watermelon juice. I love Fridays. I love `movie nachos'. Sometimes we go to movies just for that. I love guacamole. I can spend hours at a stationary shop. I love lights and strings. I love things. My fav place ever is my home. I believe in magic. Yes, I really do.


    Kanika Bahl said...

    it was lots of fun reading and getting to know more about you! incidentally my husband is called Vivek as well...but he is more geeky than i am..i am interested in buying the wire words...which one, i have not decided yet, so will mail you soon. congratulations on your new first time here (via key bunch) but i think i am hooked.


    Neha said...

    Hi Neha,

    It was fun reading your blog and all about you...really...i enjoyed it.

    I am new to the design and decor blogging world (i started following blogs about three months back), but I must say that I am totally hooked. I liked your blog and will be a regular now.

    It was nice reading about you coz apart from our name, we do have lots in common. more on that later....

    For now, all the best and congrats on your store.

    Emreen said...

    You have a great blog here... Had a great time going through your photography blog too...!!

    Love the Twig Shop products...!!

    Harshika said...

    Tremendous similarities-almost eerie! And Im from north married to a madrasi boy! My true love. :)
    Enjoying your blog so much!

    Aalayam Inspiration said...

    This seems like a fun blog that I might want to visit again! It was fun to get to know you as well.

    Check us (supriya and me) at Aalayam.

    Akshita Gupta said...

    Nice blog!
    (oh, I must think of one good synonym for nice!)
    I loved the intro.
    I mean, an introduction is not really a thing for liking, but the way you wrote it- I'm inspired.
    My blog is-
    Can we follow each other?
    Following you :)


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