Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silver Dreams - Suman Mishra Jewelry {designer focus}

Set in silver and stones, Suman's Jewelry has clean simple lines with a rustic edge look. It's bohemian, feminine and pretty.
I specially like how the pieces look so light and summery :) I also love how she collects roots, twigs, barks for inspiration. I do too!! (except that I don't design any awesome jewelry like she does!) hehe

Neha:  What is Suman Mishra Jewelry line? How old is it?
Suman: 2 Years old, It's a brand that is re-inventing  silver jewelry as an accessory of personal expression.
Neha: What's your working model?
Suman: I bring out six collections every year under this label, one after every two months. Each collection is based on a unique theme and a definite colour-scheme in keeping with the season.                                                          

                                                          Neha: What is the design process?
Suman: I start designing the collection several months in advance, sometimes a year in advance. The journey begins when I am observing the seasons a year in advance, noticing all it’s nuances as they appear in nature, festivals, foods, colors. Every year you can notice something new and different in every season… And somewhere some facts and some feelings that register will resurface when I am designing the collection for that season, thereby influencing the process and outcome. 
I doodle everywhere – on newspapers, envelopes, notebooks, to-do- lists.. and nearer the time when I have to actually concretize the collection, I find myself snipping-out these doodles and pasting them on a large sheet of paper. This ends up becoming what I like to call my “mood-board”. It often includes pictures from newspapers/magazines of things/places/people/animals that I may have liked and/or that have a connection to the overall “mood” of the collection. And then I sleep over it. Almost literally. The time between then and the actual putting-down of the designs is a difficult and unsettling time. I am clearly ill-at-ease and although I maynot be sitting with my pencil, I am almost constantly thinking about the collection. Right down to dreaming about it!  And then one fine day, it just falls into place like it was always meant to be – and I have my collection down on paper within half-an-hour.
Rs 3357

Neha: Where do you retail?
Suman:  Delhi - "BITS AND PIECES"
Santushti Complex,
Near Hotel Ashok,
New Delhi
Timing: 10 am - 6 pm
Mon to Sat

Bangalore: "FFOLIO"
#1, Embassy Chambers
1,Ground floor
Vittal Mallya Road,
Karnataka 560001
Call: 080 22218142
Rs 6495

Also available online on Facebook: The “Suman Mishra Jewelry” Store -right here The collection will shortly be available in Mumbai too, starting August.
From the collection - Bubbles of Joy

Neha: What inspires you?
Suman: A lot of non-design stuff inspires me. Movies, songs, conversations. But nature is my biggest inspirational starting point. A walk in the nearby wooded area with my dogs often helps me break a creative dry spell… not to mention put some concrete starting points for my designs. I always collect naturally desiccated leaves, seeds, flowers, roots, bark, and twigs. I can’t stop wondering in amazement at nature’s design. These findings are my greatest treasures. Also, Music. Art. Festivals. Food. Architecture. Bottles.

Suman's fav piece-  Orange Explosion Long necklace from the collection "Bohovillea
Rs 7590
Neha: Favorite city:
Suman: Delhi – history, natural beauty, centre of political power, food, art!

Neha: fav book
Suman: ‘Earth’s Children’ series by Jean M. Auel
Neha: fav blog (if you follow any)?
Suman: Poppytalk

Neha: You can't live without
Suman: good food, my puppies, nature and of course, my Buddhist practice. 

Hmmm..... now how would you like some of her jewelry on you or your loved one?? ;) No, seriously!!?? 
Ok, let me just something very special is coming up for you my lovely readers!! And I'm so excited!! :)

Polka Dot Happy!!

I have always loved them. They are goofy and chic and so fun!! And in trend or not, I'm hardly ever able to resist them! Yes, they are the polka dots!!! :) I think there's something about them that can perk up anyone, they are just so HAPPY! (in a nice way. I don't drool over too much yellow/happy things otherwise!) :)

What is YOUR favorite polka dots thing you own??? Tell me!!!

Super cute storage in pastels and polka dots Pottery BarnKids

Newest add to my wardrobe - Topshop, this is so minnie mouse(ish)
Polka dot top by Ashley Renee - 16$
via anne sage of The City Sage
Polka dot house!! photographer - Yale Joel



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chasing design living in South Africa!

So, the latest is that we are moving to Johannesburg for three months! V has a project there and it gives us a great opportunity to know and live in another country. I would have never thought I would live in South Africa!!! I'm excited and a little nervous and mostly sad because I know I will really miss home - Dubai, my friends here, my gorgeous new bedroom (with Hemnes bed), my pillow, my tv, all my stuff. And I will get home-sick, but right now we are thinking we might visit Dubai at least twice in between (ya right!)
It's not a very long period, but long enough to be kind of like a mini relocation. At least that's what it is turning out to be with all the logistical issues.
Our relocation manager sent pictures of the house we are going to be living in, or so she suggests. It's a huge place in Sandton area, with huge lawns and swimming pool. It's also the exact kind of place I don't think I can live in because it's too big and I will be very scared to be alone in such a big house. So I've been looking at apartments and bed and breakfast inns and cute cottages.. it's amazing how lovely the homes are in Joburg!! Till we (hopefully) fix another place, here are the pics of the house we are supposed to be in.

While I love all the open green space (would be awesome for a party) and the pool and the idea of living in a house like this, I do hate how big it is as I said earlier, and also hating the living and dining room, just so not my taste! :) What do you guys think?
Meanwhile I've found some lovely apartments, that I will post pics of soon!
Anyone in Johannesburg???? Would love to catch up!!


 I've friends who feel it's rather sad that we missed the world cup. I couldn't be happier!! :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Play Clan {Design Feature}

I came across Play Clan rather randomly and it left an impression. You can identify Play Clan stuff anywhere, once you get their flavor, I think I even spotted few cushions in.. was it Rajneeti (?)... I think! Quirky, fun and full of life (quite literally) .. and very affordable - I really really like them!! :) And while in Chennai I got to see some of their stuff first hand at The Park and Evoluzione. Cushions, coasters, t-shirts, posters - you name it, they have it!
colaba coasters - love these!! :)
Himanshu whose brain child Play Clan is, has been really sweet to have taken out time to tell me more about Play clan, how it came about and a little about himself. Thanks Himanshu!! :)

What is Play Clan?
Himanshu: Play Clan is a concept that combines 'Fashion, Art and Design' to create lines in Home, Apparel, Gifts and Stationery,  inspired by the colorful life, culture and people of the Modern India.
purani dilli
How old is it?
Himanshu: I founded play can in 2008 with our first store at the Select Citywalk.
What made you come up with the Play Clan concept?
Himanshu: Play Clan celebrates the life in India and our products reflect the energy and inspiration that we see everyday around us. We are storytellers that weave these tales in our product. 

Your favorite piece in Play Clan? 
Himanshu: I love the loaded shirt... it combines screen printing and embroidery with interesting placement. The copy in hindi says, follow traffic rules!

Three words that describe you?
Himanshu: I would like to answer that from a Brands point of view : Three words that describe Play Clan are - TAKE INDIA HOME 
What inspires you?
Himanshu: Everything that I see has some inspiration in it... I guess India has that charm!
Favorite city?
Himanshu: I guess Dillwaale Dilliwaale :)
Get upto 25% off on Play Clan products here for next two days!

or visit and buy them here - theplayclan

Sew on baby!!

Clare Owen's beautiful illustration on her blog here

We returned from our trip to Chennai a few days back. V was working almost all the time and most of our plans to go to Pondichery, or go to our fav stores and places to eat never really happened, also because we both fell sick with fever and cold and was no fun after that.
We did though, happen to be in Chennai just in time for the Chennai International Fahion Week. (more on this coming soon) Courtesy my sis-in-law we had front row passes for the shows. Thanks S! :)
I loved being in the middle of action in India after so long.. reminded me of IE days. Everyone was very friendly and nice and we met some lovely and talented people that I totally intend to get to know better! :) It was V's first time at a fashion show, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I dedicate this post to all my new and old friends who design and love clothes and to all of you who create magic with their sewing machines! 
I would love to buy one some day, any recommendations for a basic but awesome sewing machine, anyone? 
Nan's 8X10 print - 16$ 
This would make such an awesome desktop wallpaper I think! 
Pottery Barn spools! I got myself one set just day before! :)

sewing machine on a cup! via Circa Ceramics
Print art by Ajawin
Oil painting by FunkyPalette - 250 $

Lovely vintage-look sewing machine pendant chain - 45$ by Japonica


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