Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chasing design living in South Africa!

So, the latest is that we are moving to Johannesburg for three months! V has a project there and it gives us a great opportunity to know and live in another country. I would have never thought I would live in South Africa!!! I'm excited and a little nervous and mostly sad because I know I will really miss home - Dubai, my friends here, my gorgeous new bedroom (with Hemnes bed), my pillow, my tv, all my stuff. And I will get home-sick, but right now we are thinking we might visit Dubai at least twice in between (ya right!)
It's not a very long period, but long enough to be kind of like a mini relocation. At least that's what it is turning out to be with all the logistical issues.
Our relocation manager sent pictures of the house we are going to be living in, or so she suggests. It's a huge place in Sandton area, with huge lawns and swimming pool. It's also the exact kind of place I don't think I can live in because it's too big and I will be very scared to be alone in such a big house. So I've been looking at apartments and bed and breakfast inns and cute cottages.. it's amazing how lovely the homes are in Joburg!! Till we (hopefully) fix another place, here are the pics of the house we are supposed to be in.

While I love all the open green space (would be awesome for a party) and the pool and the idea of living in a house like this, I do hate how big it is as I said earlier, and also hating the living and dining room, just so not my taste! :) What do you guys think?
Meanwhile I've found some lovely apartments, that I will post pics of soon!
Anyone in Johannesburg???? Would love to catch up!!


 I've friends who feel it's rather sad that we missed the world cup. I couldn't be happier!! :)


Sumi said...

Why don't you try for those studio apartments.Johannesburg has a lot of them.I used to travel there for work and used to stay in those apartments all the time.They are just perfect for two people and short duration.Safe and cosy.Decor wise nothing much,but not too big either so atleast one criteria is met.;-)

An Open Book said...

i love the bedrooms though!


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