Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Living in a Shoe Box...

Don Brown

I was looking on google, for no particular reason for `shoe box art'. As a kid I used to make attempt making little doll houses out of them. I had many doll houses - that deserves another post altogether. And even now when I buy shoes and return home with a box that looks  sturdy and (pretty) hopeful, I wonder if I should do some shoe box art and craft. 

I am hence, so pleased to have stumbled upon the Shoe Box Living - Through the eyes of a child. A project where 125 children ages 8-10 were given a shoe box each and asked to recreate their bedroom, or a room from their home and write a few sentences about it. Coming from London's most deprived areas, they portray their voices in work that is moving and vulnerable and sweet, funny and achingly sad, this project has really touched my heart. 
A number of artists were also roped in to do the same, and what they recreated is some amazing stuff... I would like for you to get a little glimpse of what has really made my day today.. :) I hope it makes yours! 
visit shoeboxart here. 
Damien Hirst

Grayson Perry

by one of the children who participated

Young House Love {House Tour}

This is a 54 year old, much loved adobe of Sherry and John, from Young House Love.
"Old enough to be our parent, we treat it like our child" they say. They did all the work by themselves that needed to be done, to hide it's age and make it a gorgeous home, that it is now. They even got married here! Along the way they got so perfect at it (the house renovation i.e, although I'm sure with all the years and experience they are pretty good at marital advice too) :) , that they started taking up projects. Big DIY experts, featured famously, I hope you enjoy this house tour!
What do you think?



The front porch now - love the green!
After - Living Room

Loving the shelves next to the dining table

Love the powder blue walls and the three frames over the bed

The den - before
What I love the most about this house is the way the light flows so freely in the space. Evereything becomes sunnier and yet cozy because of the soft color palette. I also love their use of wall art and posters and pictures - they just add so much character, and personalizes the space. 
You can also visit Sherry and John and their lovely shop on younghouselove.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Think Some. Do Some.

Thinking about Earth and our impact on it. Just like that. No reason really. But because I should. Everyone should. Are you???
What do you do to make a difference?
How much does it matter to you?

Get it here

Via Walking Illustration

Via Nitin Garg via

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cherry Blossom {a poem in time}

I love Cherry Blossom trees. How can one not. I think they are one of the saddest, most beautiful looking things ever. 

Also called `Sakura' they even have a celebration around them in Japan called Hanami. 

While in China it represents femininity, power, innocence and sexuality; in Japan it is a symbol of transience and fragility of life. It's short beautiful bloom has inspired many poets and artists. And lovers and dreamers.... 

“My heart that was rapt away by the wild cherry blossoms - will it return to my body when they scatter?” - Anon

"Could I die under a cherry blossom tree in full bloom on a full-
moon night of spring?" - Saigyo

My cherry blossom inspired art and something I wrote - 
Behind the purple clouds when the sun begins to set
and the smell of winter is everywhere
I sit outside and stare long.
Between the branches and the fruit
of the cherry blossom tree 
I try and catch a glimpse
of fast fading light
and quickly hiding birds
I hum a song I used to know
half forgotten half lost
and then
I miss you....
I miss you a lot.
- neha ramabhadran, 2009


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