Sunday, June 6, 2010

Chennai calling

I always felt a connection to `south of india', I always loved my sambhar, dosas and saris. I have seen most places in south of india and I love going to Tirupati and temples there, string a strange beautiful feeling within me. Then I fell in love with this boy from Madras and four years later we got married.

Now the boy and me, whenever we visit Chennai, have our favorite things to do there and must-go places to go to. I can not make a chennai trip without going to KhaderNavaz road and to City Center mall and Good Earth, Amethyst, Anokhi and Fab India.. Oh I can't wait!! :) I am going to do a feature on some of these fav places of mine in Chennai after the upcoming trip.. so look out for more on this.
Meanwhile I can't wait to get the pickles from fabindia - one of the best!!

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