Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spring in a jar {ideas to use old bottles and jar}

I am a big recycler of things. I try to be atleast. Looking at all the things I collect, mostly it's a pleasure and sometimes pain (when they are still waiting to be turned into something beautiful and useful). And I specially love glass bottles and jars, so I keep all the little jars and bottles that come home in grocery packaging form, or if I order water at a cafe/restaurant and it's a glass bottle, it comes back home with me and is loved and used in many ways. Well, I must share in the process of doing the latter and while I have paid for the expensive water (comes in the bottle), 99% of the time the company I'm in is usually embarrassed about me walking out with the glass bottle! But I do it anyways, because I care! :)
 I also have a few uses for the empty wine bottles.. - they get clean of their stickers and turned into vases, soap dispensers, water bottles, decoration etc.. 

For now, get inspired by these lovely ideas and maybe next time you are throwing the glass jar the pasta came in, you will think about interesting ways to use it! Alternatively, keep your eyes open for beautiful recycled glass vases! :)

use food color to get this look!
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I have many many more ideas to use glass bottles and jars, coming your way very soon! :) For now make some spring happen in old bottles and mason jars, at your home, for you to love! 
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Andrea said...

Could I love your blog more? NO!! :) amazing and beautiful stuff.

Neha Ramabhadran said...

Thanks Andrea, glad you like it! :) Keep visiting

harshita said...

WOW !! LOVED TIS ONE AS WELL..Am a recycler too, would love to share my idea bout the used Bottles too.Took me down the memory lane of sOUTH cITY , WEN WE USED THOSE bACARDI bREEZER BOTTLES FOR OUR WRKSHOP FOR LADS ..HMMM ACHAL A ND GANG REMEMBER?? ..LOV U

Priyanka Navneet said...

Loving it Neha!!!! Thanks for the ideas...these look sooooo nice that i'm totally motivated to start collecting old bottles and jars instead of discarding them!! :)

Neha Ramabhadran said...

Harshita - Send me your ideas, maybe we can feature them here in the diy (do it yourself) post.
Pri- Yes, you should! Next time you carry the bottle proudly out of a restaurant! It IS yours and you will re-use it in a great way now! :)

Jade Graham said...

Spray the goo gone over the sticky adhesive left on bottle and scrub with sponge. wholesale liquor bottles


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