Monday, June 21, 2010

Beauty and the Botany {Botanical art/decor}

Lyndie Dourthe's botany inspired art

 There's something totally awesome about Botanical Art I think. The precision, the study of the subject to the great length and detail, and the patience required, make botanical art every bit as beautiful as it is. It's everything I wish I had in me to do, so personally I really admire it.

Always fascinated by botanical drawings I give you art and ideas to get inspired by. Drawings, wall art and room decor. 
Whatever works for you. 

So, next time you are at a flea market and come across an old tattered looking botanical drawing - you know it is perfect as it is. :)

via apartmenttherapy 

Beautiful antique botanical flower digital collage by Lori of Magicpug

West Elm floating botanical art - 70$


Anonymous said...

Just lovely Neha!! Really really love your blog!!!!! :)

TheKeyBunch said...

What a lovely blog, Neha! You are on our blog roll as well:)...


GB said...

Oh My! Just discovered your blog. Lovely!


Srivalli said...

Lovely designs..I learnt so many new things..

Neha Ramabhadran said...

Thanks Gagan! :)
Valli - Thanks, I'm so happy that you like it! :)


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