Thursday, June 10, 2010

Reading nooks

Curling up in a cozy corner with a fantastic book is a luxury most people enjoy. Even when life passes you by real fast, with either a job that takes more out of you and your weekends than it should, or it's the daily routine that sucks you in - kids, laundry, school, cooking.. What helps is a special space right at your home where you can spend some precious free time connecting with another world - the world of books. :) And it becomes sweeter than sweet when it's in a special place.. like your favorite nook, right at your home! 
Check out these lovely reading nooks and get inspired! 
via apartmenttherapy
As for me, I have a nook in my dining area, by the big window overlooking the Burj (where I usually dwell on cook books) and I love to read in my bed :) Where do you like to read, how is your reading nook?
Now, where's the rain and coffee aam panna?? :)

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