Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where memories are born

Oh such longing... to be young again and be lost in the world of stories and dreams and hugs and cuddles. To never think too much or too little, to never be bound by rules and society. To dress up in summer frocks and pigtails, to play and ponder over dolls and doll houses. Of swans and stars and little candy jars, brothers and sisters and feet without long heels and blisters!
To just be.
To wanting it all back that's lost in those precious memories of a childhood. :)

A lovely girls' room is more than just a room after all...

Which one's your favorite??



Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A touch of Brown

quiet love

Since I last wrote a post, the world has quietly but surely taken up fondly to the color brown and birds are the coolest motifs. The owl has been popular since a long time, and the birds are cooler than ever now. What I love is how slowly the new brown has made place for itself in everyone's wardrobes! Quietly sneaking in... :) atleast here in Dubai.
And in interiors it's the ikat all the way, and not just a fading fad but something that's here to stay, love it!! And I'm doing this post, coz I never did before and then I went missing...
So, for those of you who wondered and wrote to me about where I was and what I was upto - I was in SA for few months, got back and was traveling again - this time to India. Also busy with some work - some I have shared and some I can't, on my photography blog -
The new trend in interiors and fashion I believe is Kantha and it will be here to stay. More about it later..


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