Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fan of fans {lovely modern, vintage, retro fans to keep you cool}

This summer, treat yourself to a cool fan, adding some cooling effect to your life. I'm digging these, right here.. Would love a vintage table fan in my room.. for that extra touch of fun and funk and of course, so handy when every now and then the AC fails to keep us cool enough! :)  

via apartmenttheraphy

 Vintage Vornado - this is specially lovely I think! 
Or go ultra chic with this Propello Desk Fan - 140$

Allaire Desk Fans 99$ - 149$  < I found this fan in Bangkok, at a flea market! :)

 Alternatively, grab your hands on that old table fan lying in your grand mom's garage and color it up! To make full use, make sure it works! :) 
So, which one are you digging?? 

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Staci Severns @ BrooklynFan said...

With little cleaning and some paint, your vintage electric fan was restored back to life. Imagine, it was from the 1950's and it's still working! I'm sure its previous owners took good care of it, and that includes your mom. Take care of it too, Beth!


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