Monday, July 5, 2010

Bed time stories {IKEA HEMNES BED}

I have been waiting to re-do my bedroom for a while now. We have a two rooms, one of them is right now just a big pile of stuff.. so I want to move our current bed into the other room and make it organised, and get a new bed for us in the bedroom. So exciting!! I do love our current bed which is an IKEA MALM and while I like it and it's very comfortable,  (only) I'm bored about how low it is and then everything is kinda low to match it.. besides i'm in love with the new IKEA HEMNES bed. I also totally love the hemnes day bed from ikea.
I'm a little nervous about the bed and hope the bedroom turns out the way I really want it to.. :) because to begin with V does not see any problem with our current bed, in fact, quite loves it and he said he is ok about it, but I know he is not thrilled about the whole white bed thing happening!! Well, since I spend more time on the bed, I think it's fair I get to decide.. :) 
Here's the bed we are getting.. it's gonna get delivered soon! We are getting the white one.

Here are the IKEA HEMNES bed series..
shall i get the black instead??
we are getting this one! :)



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