Thursday, July 29, 2010

Silver Dreams - Suman Mishra Jewelry {designer focus}

Set in silver and stones, Suman's Jewelry has clean simple lines with a rustic edge look. It's bohemian, feminine and pretty.
I specially like how the pieces look so light and summery :) I also love how she collects roots, twigs, barks for inspiration. I do too!! (except that I don't design any awesome jewelry like she does!) hehe

Neha:  What is Suman Mishra Jewelry line? How old is it?
Suman: 2 Years old, It's a brand that is re-inventing  silver jewelry as an accessory of personal expression.
Neha: What's your working model?
Suman: I bring out six collections every year under this label, one after every two months. Each collection is based on a unique theme and a definite colour-scheme in keeping with the season.                                                          

                                                          Neha: What is the design process?
Suman: I start designing the collection several months in advance, sometimes a year in advance. The journey begins when I am observing the seasons a year in advance, noticing all it’s nuances as they appear in nature, festivals, foods, colors. Every year you can notice something new and different in every season… And somewhere some facts and some feelings that register will resurface when I am designing the collection for that season, thereby influencing the process and outcome. 
I doodle everywhere – on newspapers, envelopes, notebooks, to-do- lists.. and nearer the time when I have to actually concretize the collection, I find myself snipping-out these doodles and pasting them on a large sheet of paper. This ends up becoming what I like to call my “mood-board”. It often includes pictures from newspapers/magazines of things/places/people/animals that I may have liked and/or that have a connection to the overall “mood” of the collection. And then I sleep over it. Almost literally. The time between then and the actual putting-down of the designs is a difficult and unsettling time. I am clearly ill-at-ease and although I maynot be sitting with my pencil, I am almost constantly thinking about the collection. Right down to dreaming about it!  And then one fine day, it just falls into place like it was always meant to be – and I have my collection down on paper within half-an-hour.
Rs 3357

Neha: Where do you retail?
Suman:  Delhi - "BITS AND PIECES"
Santushti Complex,
Near Hotel Ashok,
New Delhi
Timing: 10 am - 6 pm
Mon to Sat

Bangalore: "FFOLIO"
#1, Embassy Chambers
1,Ground floor
Vittal Mallya Road,
Karnataka 560001
Call: 080 22218142
Rs 6495

Also available online on Facebook: The “Suman Mishra Jewelry” Store -right here The collection will shortly be available in Mumbai too, starting August.
From the collection - Bubbles of Joy

Neha: What inspires you?
Suman: A lot of non-design stuff inspires me. Movies, songs, conversations. But nature is my biggest inspirational starting point. A walk in the nearby wooded area with my dogs often helps me break a creative dry spell… not to mention put some concrete starting points for my designs. I always collect naturally desiccated leaves, seeds, flowers, roots, bark, and twigs. I can’t stop wondering in amazement at nature’s design. These findings are my greatest treasures. Also, Music. Art. Festivals. Food. Architecture. Bottles.

Suman's fav piece-  Orange Explosion Long necklace from the collection "Bohovillea
Rs 7590
Neha: Favorite city:
Suman: Delhi – history, natural beauty, centre of political power, food, art!

Neha: fav book
Suman: ‘Earth’s Children’ series by Jean M. Auel
Neha: fav blog (if you follow any)?
Suman: Poppytalk

Neha: You can't live without
Suman: good food, my puppies, nature and of course, my Buddhist practice. 

Hmmm..... now how would you like some of her jewelry on you or your loved one?? ;) No, seriously!!?? 
Ok, let me just something very special is coming up for you my lovely readers!! And I'm so excited!! :)


Yash said...

great work

GB said...

This is lovely! Thanks for sharing Neha! :) I love that orange explosion necklace!

Prashanth said...

Wow! This Orange Explosion is genius!

Designwali said...

this is great...i love the first long piece at the top! does she have a website?

krishma said...

really cool stuff.... luv the orange and purple necklace...the website also has some really nice designs too...
thanks neha!

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Very nice stuff. Will stop by Santushti. Lovely blog by the way!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

First time here !am a nomad and design addict!!...loved your blog :)

Neha Ramabhadran said...

Hi, Thank you all for your sweet comments! :) Keep visiting and commenting!
Designwali - I have put a link to her facebook page, you can check that now. :)

harshita said...

GORGEOUS !! Am gonna visit BITS and PIECES soon :)Am a silver lover and this piece of news is whoa to me relocating to Delhi nd wuld visit Santushti ARCADE b residing in chanyakapuri, Il keep on visitin ..yay !!

Thank you !!

Bi┼╝uteria z filcu said...

Beautiful things :)


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