Monday, March 7, 2011

Game on!

It's cricket and soccer usually that people get kicked about. But I'm giving you some very interesting online puzzle games (that you can play, and not just watch!) to get thrilled about. :) I'm a game freak and I'm sure you'll find these great for your mind and they are also very design lovely!

1) samorost-2 - point and click game By Amanita Design - They have some fabulous games and this one really is a treat to the eyes in terms of it's design and imagination. If you are a graphic design person, this is a must visit link. Also, a very fun game, so do play!

2) famous objects from classic movies  - A fun guess game where you are shown an object and you have to guess the movie it's associated with. Very clever. Guess the one on the left?? :)

Let me know your thoughts and if you liked the games and if you would like for the game reviews and features to be a regular feature on this blog? Till then game on! :)

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