Sunday, March 3, 2013


28th November is kind of a big deal for us here. It's my Birthday and also our wedding anniversary. Yup! :) So as V started getting ready for work any hope for a surprise gift, or day off was gone. So he left for work and I got busy with Myra. In about an hour I hear the door open and there he is - with not only lovely presents but also a day off!! He also stopped by at Shakesphere and co and got me yummy yummy stuff.. It was so touching and and just the best day ever!! :) Also, Myra turned 5 months, so it was extra special.
He got me a mirrored tray from Zara Home that I had been gushing on for quite sometime and he got me a big bottle of Chanel no5!!! I was so thrilled, it's my favorite perfume, and this bottle is already on it's way half! Later, we went out for drinks at Dubai Marina and dinner at Atlantis Hotel.

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