Saturday, March 2, 2013

Naming her Myra

This name had been there on my mind for a very long time.. and when I told V, he loved it instantly.

English meaning: poetic invention
Greek meaning: fragrant from myrrh, an aromatic shrub
Latin meaning: admirable, extraordinary

It was perfect. It IS perfect. Just like her. 
The naming ceremony was a small one at home. With V's parents and my mom here, it made for a nice intimate one. We did a small puja at home and V whispered the name into Myra's tiny cute ears. Myra wore a dress stitched by my grandmother and mom, which made it extra special! :)

That's my mom and me


Sidu said...
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Sidu said...

You are the very image of your mom ;> and ur daughter is simply gorgeous....


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