Thursday, August 26, 2010

Living in decor {House Tour}

I love it when I see a house which is home to someone in a way that reflects their inner joy and creativity. A place to dwell, much loved and fussed about. I think I love it when people are fussy about things, :) choosy and picky. (I know I am!! are you??) Because isn't that what eliminates our choice and taste from what we don't like and what we are not? Often as we would like to see, it does not happen. A place just becomes where one lives, not where one loves to live... although more than ever now, I think everyone's putting effort and experimenting and learning more about themselves in the process of making their home a truly lovely home, reflective of their inner being. 
What are your thoughts, do you agree? Does your place truly reflect your taste and who you are? 

So when I saw Akshatha's beautiful house, I just had to do a house tour, to bring to you her lovely place - colorful, cosy and clearly much thought and fussed about. :) You can visit her equally lovely blog at -

I simply love her bedroom. It's so airy and light and cosy. And so much of her own diy, it's impressive! In her words - "My bedroom with lot of my DIY! The painting above the bed head is by me, the ikea rast is also a makeover. Bed spread sewn by me by sewing a printed and plain fabric together, string pendant lamp by me.. and finally also the pillows which I made myself"


It's her own DIY of a plain Ikea RAST chest of drawers. I love it!! :)

The many shaped cushions make this corner so cosy and I really like the small red rug too!

So what do you guys think? 
Thanks Akshatha! :)

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