Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hello quiet!

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I have been in a rather lovely limbo of sorts, belonging nowhere really. One that I can not explain or describe. It's an instinct to go into hibernation, for no reason or rhyme in particular. It's a quiet alone time, peaceful (mostly!) and very lethargic.. grey in color. Nothing much takes place at phases like these.. :)
I'm sorry I've been away, whoever you are who is reading, whoever it is, who cares. Hopefully (and I know many will not understand) the above explains something.. And it's a snap that happens, and just like that you are back. I don't think I'm out of this lazy phase of nothingness, but the constant guilt of not having been here for so long is really a nagging bagging on the walls of my head, plus I was missing it here.. so...

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First of - Thanks for Participating in the first Giveaway for the blog. The selection of the winner was random - asked V to pick a number from one to ten sort of a thing! :) And the winner is Harshita. Congratulations!! You have won a pair of beautiful sterling silver earrings.
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Feeling lazy like the way I am feeling is pretty amazing actually, and how I would love to curl up in a cozy bedroom much like these with a book... instead I'm in a hotel room, cozy and all.. it's not the same..
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And most of all I miss home.. my bedroom... :(


GB said...

Its the impersonal hotel room that' making you this way. Don't worry, this too shall pass! I'm just happy to know what's going on in your neck of the woods! Good to know you're back-ish. Hope you stay inspired and are back to regular blogging soon! :)

Neha Ramabhadran said...

Thanks Gagan! :)


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