Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I accept the stylish blogger award! :)

My namesake and fellow design/decor blogger from allthingzbeautiful.blogspot.com
has nominated me for this blog award. Thank you Neha, very sweet of you! :)
It requires me to accept the award while revealing seven secrets about myself to my readers. As such I already have a page sharing a lot about myself - inane-but-hopefully-fun-trivia-about-me

But I'm happy to share some more here, so here goes -

1) In the last year I have hardly spent time in my own home. Maybe three and half months in 12!

2) I have done rappelling, river crossing, 80 km hikes and want to try bungee jump sometime. I was also a very good high jumper and 100 mt runner at one point far far back in time. You wouldn't think so if you knew me now.

3) I snore. Yes, there I said it. Apparently, not all the time though. And talk in my sleep - that I do often.

4) I love kids and animals. I find it very easy to bond and connect with them.

5) I hate grown ups and acting all proper (boring) and seeming all responsible and mature and in control of everything. Same reason I hate long sit-down dinners. Hell no, my life is exciting and complicated and a lot of fun and I simply can not sit still in one place for that long! On the other hand, I must clarify that I also can't stand people who try to be oh-so-young for their age and act all coy and stupid to get attention and are obsessed with running and dieting and gossiping. Oh, and I kind of hate society.

6) I find it insanely empty and boring and and lonely without V. But when he's traveling, we talk a lot, everyday, so that helps. Us, not the bills. :) Having my lovely friends that I do in Dubai, helps a lot!!

7) I LOVE backpacking in India. I have stayed in rooms for 100 rs a night. And I loved it! :) In benaras we paid 450 rs a night, twin sharing. Common baths between several rooms.

So there, do you share any of these quirks with me?? Let me know!

Thanks again Neha @ http://allthingzbeautiful.blogspot.com/


GB said...

I hate sit down dinners too---bo-oring. I do not snore, no matter what my husband says. :D

Patricia Torres said...

... oh the list is lovely.. I like 'sit down' dinner... only when I have to lay the table..and someone else sits down.. *grin*

and.. I've forever been dreaming of back packing.. :-)

Neha Ramabhadran said...

@ GB - good for you, I also need to develop the same mechanism! :)
@ Patricia - I agree about when I lay the table part!
And you should totally backpack and in India it's the sooo much fun! :)

Neha@ Allthingsbeautiful said...

Thank you Neha, for accepting the award. Good to know more about you.

Backpacking in India....would LOVe to do that some day.

You have a great vacation!


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