Tuesday, April 5, 2011

By the Ganga...

Have not been on the blog for sometime, missed it. And throught whatever was going on - shoots, travel, everything was thinking of all the stuff I would like to post about. Now when I'm writing feel at a loss over where to begin.
I had a big shoot for a designer in Delhi, a fashion shoot. That went well and I was exhausted and thrilled to be looking forward to benaras. 

Varanasi, Benaras, Kashi - It is said to be the oldest city in the world and the holiest for hindus. 
I always had this thing to go to benaras at some point and live there for a few months. But that's not as easy to make happen as it should be. So Seven days it was. This place which had me caught in a romantic idea since the days of reading - The Romantics and Jaya Ganga (my fav book ever!) by Vijay Singh, fyi; I was all set for it especially after the hectic shoot. I wish V had accompanied me but he was biting cold in Poland at the time. So I went with my dearest friend K (who also loves the same books and ideas as I do, hence making it simpler and nicer) :)

We had a small guesthouse by the ghats, and hours, days and nights all rolled into each other... watching the ganga flow, the boats, aarti, temples, the tiny lanes that lead to big discoveries, the food, the cafes, the conversations and the quiet silence... was all very very very nice. 

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