Thursday, April 21, 2011

coz i'm living in a trailer park..

My second visit to South Africa and I'm so happy. Would have been happier if we were living in Cape Town. Joburg is fun for me only on weekends here, weekdays can be a little drab. Anyways, so it's the Easter weekend and we are (on a very expensive flight) off to Cape Town and Franschhoek!! I couldn't be happier! :)
As a design freak I always try and look for quirky, design, art, boutique hotels to stay in. And since our last visit I have had my heart on a stay at the  - trailers, close to Cape Town.
That being full and almost always reserved, you have to plan and book in advance. :(
So I choose the second best option - granddaddy airstream rooftop trailer park  - Worlds only rooftop trailers!

All the trailers are designed by local artists, who have brought something unusual and fantastic out in each of the rooms. There were two trailers available - the Afro Funk and Love Of Lace - I'm going with Love of Lace on the managers recommendation. :)
I'm most excited about live music performances that take place right at the rooftop, next to the trailers, at the bar, should be much fun! I'll let you all know how the stay was and weather it is worth it! Watch this space for a review!

Which one would you like to stay in????? Tell me!! I think the polka dots dorothy trailer is very adorable and I also like the 50s and love of lace trailer. you?

 Pleasantville by Liam Mooney - 50s inspired room

The Ballad of John & Yoko by Tasmin Relly, Cara Rose and Chloe Townsend

Afro Funk by Carla Soudien

 Love of Lace by Tracy Lynch
Dorothy by Sarah Pratt

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Mark and Joe Stead  (comes with costumes to play some!) :)

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Ren said...

Wow, I really like the polka dots design! That kind of gives me an idea for my own bedroom at home!


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