Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New beginning...

Life changed around one and a half years back... V took a sabbatical and we traveled for three months.. a month in India and 2 in Thailand. It was amazing!! Soon after we got back we found out that we were expecting! In parallel, V quit his consulting job and took up a new fancy one, right here in Dubai.

And so on June 28th (just as V really hoped it would be that date - coz my bday and our anniversary date is also 28th) little Myra was born. A perfect bundle of cuteness as there can be. 
In the beginning she filled our lives mostly with sleep deprivation but now that it's mostly past us, our lives are full of joy and laughter and utter cuteness 24/7. 

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purplehomes said...

Hey Neha

Congratulations! For mommyhood, beautiful memories and more:)


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