Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick update

Went to Ethiopia, V's office retreat. Was great in so many ways, and completely awful in few others. Nevermind. Went back to joburg from there. In a long 9 hr hopping flight. Without yellow fever shot. Was deported. Was kinda cool actually, looking back. Or was it. Hmm. Wish we had never gone.
Spent a week in Dubai without any of my stuff. No laptop. Thank god for my lovely iphone. I have to stop calling it that. Should just call it 'phone'. But not able to. Met friends, played taboo, threw a party for a dear friend who got engaged recently. Was awesome fun. Like always. Slept at 6:30 am. No big deal. House was a MESS. Big deal - looks ok now. Miss it. Back in joburg now. Hating the food at the hotel. They have a special talent of messing up most things. Had a meeting with the head chef. Future looks hopeful.
On another note - totally obsessed with Tap Zoo and Words with Friends. Reading `Alchemy of Desire' - loving it!

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