Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sew on baby!!

Clare Owen's beautiful illustration on her blog here

We returned from our trip to Chennai a few days back. V was working almost all the time and most of our plans to go to Pondichery, or go to our fav stores and places to eat never really happened, also because we both fell sick with fever and cold and was no fun after that.
We did though, happen to be in Chennai just in time for the Chennai International Fahion Week. (more on this coming soon) Courtesy my sis-in-law we had front row passes for the shows. Thanks S! :)
I loved being in the middle of action in India after so long.. reminded me of IE days. Everyone was very friendly and nice and we met some lovely and talented people that I totally intend to get to know better! :) It was V's first time at a fashion show, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I dedicate this post to all my new and old friends who design and love clothes and to all of you who create magic with their sewing machines! 
I would love to buy one some day, any recommendations for a basic but awesome sewing machine, anyone? 
Nan's 8X10 print - 16$ 
This would make such an awesome desktop wallpaper I think! 
Pottery Barn spools! I got myself one set just day before! :)

sewing machine on a cup! via Circa Ceramics
Print art by Ajawin
Oil painting by FunkyPalette - 250 $

Lovely vintage-look sewing machine pendant chain - 45$ by Japonica


Sharon said...

Absolutely loved this post! Love the charm of the old Singer machines.

Maya said...

Love it!

GB said...

Don't know how good it works yet, but I recently got my hands on this one...

Brother LS2000 Sewing Machine with 20 Stitch Functions (it was on sale and came with free shipping. Also, all the reviews were good...I'll let you know how it works IRL oncce I try it out)....


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