Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Friday, November 22, 2013


Can't really say what this was about - but let's just say some of us crashed an event and got very very happy!!! :D what a fun episode!!

INSEAD 5 yr reunion Day 2

Day 2 was again hanging out with close friends at the bar - drinking lots of beer and wine, while we froze in the cold and rain. Amazing weather!! :)

INSEAD 5 YR Reunion - day 1

We (and I'm saying this on behalf of many people) had been waiting for and planning this since forever, and then we forgot about it - got busy jobs, moved on in life, got married, had babies, always keeping in touch and yet not with everyone - not so much anyways, and more so with some than others. Friends had become family away from family... People had become closer, deeper friends after school, once they moved to the same cities.
Some had grown a bit apart - time, distance, life.. But then when the time came closer - it felt like we had been waiting for and planning this since the day we left Fontainebleau. Left those crazy happy INSEAD days behind us. :) Such is reunion time.
After our first few days in in paris we drove down to Fonty for the big 5 year reunion. Many of us were parents now, many married, newly engaged or even divorced.. It didn't matter - we were all coming to Fonty after years, from many different parts of the world. It was just wonderful to see old faces with who as such one does keep in touch over Facebook (or sees updates from!), but that warm fuzzy feeling that you get with old friends in an old place - is just something really really nice. Here are some moments from the time we all met again...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Eiffel Tower picnic

Yup, we know how to balance work with pleasure and take calls mostly only while Myra sleeps blissfully! Or so we like to believe anyways. There's no way V can go on a vacation leaving his laptop and phone behind. Maybe someday... :)  
At Eiffel, we had a great picnic in the sun, M makes friends easily and ran around wanting to interact with everyone around us. They loved it, in fact, I realised how much people love kids in Europe! Much to the delight of everyone around we also err.. had a poopy diaper change! hahaha.. so romantic!

At the LV store, Paris. Myra is wondering which LV to get!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paris 2013 part one

We started our trip to Europe in May. It was supposed to be warm and sunny and basically just some amazing weather. Quite not the same as we landed, it started with cool drizzly days and soon we found ourselves in the middle of a winter season looming it's head through small windows of days that were slightly sunny, once in a while.

PS: For the reason stated above, in our three week trip around Europe, you might find us in the same clothes over and over. Repeating the two sweaters we took! :)

We started our trip in Paris and first few days were spent lazying and walking around paris with friends..


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